Our home ground, Allen Park is situated on the corner of Kirkwood & Clement Streets in Swanbourne. It lies just 2 minutes from West Coast Highway (aka Marmion Avenue).

Located a stone's throw away from one of Australia's most famous beaches, Allen Park is always a sanctuary on a hot summer's day. It's double-level ovals contain an (upper) turf and (lower) synthetic wicket.
There are turf and synthetic practice-net wickets onsite as well as a club hall complete with basic kitchen, lounge and bar.



Close to public transport, corner stores & cafes and with ample parking, Allen Park provides a perfect backdrop to spend your summer Saturdays playing cricket. It's also a spectator's dream with plenty of private places to 'set up camp' in order to mind the kids, keep score or just doze in and out of play.

Our home ground is the envy of many an opposition club player. Clubmen from Swanbourne will tell you there's no greater feeling than the sea-breeze picking up as you level eyes on your opponents!